Nominations for the 2020 Simone Awards are now open. The Simone Awards are open to any woman-run cause in any country or sector around the world, focused on positive outcomes.

Award winners are selected each year by the Simone Awards Board based on a variety of criteria, including the uniqueness, reach, and impact of each cause. Our community at large will also be able to vote for their favorite candidate through our social media channels.

The Simone Awards prize: 10% of the annual profits from the sale of our Simone 2017 cuvée will be donated to the winners’ causes.

If you wish to apply, please outline your mission and the achievements related to your cause in your application. If you have a candidate you wish to nominate, please make sure to add her contact information and inform her of your submission.

Submissions for the 2020 Simone Awards will close on March 21, 2020. Results will be announced to the winner and on our website on March 31.