‘Women-led’ means a woman is the founder, CEO, President or otherwise leading the cause. “Cause” means a non-profit entity, social entrepreneur, foundation, think-tank, etc.

“Positive Impact” describes the goal of most social organizations and is a general term for helping people or the environment.

Candidates can be located in any country in the world.

The Simone Awards are focused on women-led, non-profit organizations. We are particularly interested in organizations having a significant impact on people and/or the environment.


Nominations are open every year from January to November of the same year. Nominations must be submitted by December 1st, for the selection process in December. Winners will be announced in January of the following year.

You cannot nominate a candidate by mail. Only applications submitted through the official Simone Awards website and received in the appropriate online format are accepted.

Yes you should let your nominee know that you have submitted her cause to the Simone Awards and make sure she is comfortable with it.

We do not accept business plans. The Simone Awards is not a business plan competition or investor in companies. Only candidate applications submitted through the official registration website and received in the appropriate online format are accepted.

You will receive a generic confirmation email stating that your application has been saved and submitted. You will only receive this email once you have validated the preview and clicked on ‘SUBMIT MY APPLICATION’. Should an error occur during the submission, we suggest that you write to us directly to check that we have received your application. Your queries will be answered within a week’s time.

Since nominations are judged based on the uniqueness of the candidate and the cause, it is helpful for us to understand what inspires the candidate to do what they are doing?  What is the commitment to their cause? Nominations are also judged on the reach and impact each cause has.  How many people does the cause help?  What scale of environmental relief does the cause seek to impact?

Once you have signed in using your email address and password, your session will automatically stay open for 23 days. If a problem occurs within this timeframe, it may be due to your browser or your internet connection. Please make sure that your browser accepts cookies. We recommend using Google Chrome for an optimal experience.
We strongly recommend that you first write your answers in a separate draft document, then copy and paste them into the form once you are finished.

Yes you totally can, as long as the candidates are not involved in the same cause.


Simone Award winners are selected based on the uniqueness of the cause, the inspiration of the nominee, and the reach and impact the cause has on the world. Award winners are selected by the Simone Awards board each March.

The Simone Awards board selects three winners each year.


We greatly appreciate all the nominations we receive every year. The selection of the Simone Awards recipients is a difficult process. We do not discuss nominations or the selection process with nominees or nominating parties. All information about the annual selection is confidential to the Simone Awards board. The board’s decision is considered definitive and irrevocable. We don’t provide feedback to nominees or nominating parties.
You can certainly have someone nominate you a second time, although we don’t encourage it. But if you believe you have had a significant achievement that dramatically improves your candidacy, please feel free to have someone nominate you again.